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“The Old Guard”: The immortal popular movies

It seems that the films in which Charlize Theron gushes out of the throat of vodka, suffering from an existential crisis, should be allocated to a separate genre. Well, however, this is at least the second time this episode occurs first in “Atomic Blonde”, and now in “The Old Guard”.

And, if you think about it, she has a lot of reasons for this very crisis. For several thousand years of their immortal existence, they definitely accumulated a lot. Charlize Theron plays Andromache, or Andy, a Scythian warrior who at some point realized that the fatal wounds on her have healed and she is alive again. For a long time, she was the only immortal, participated in battles, roamed the world, was even praised by people as a goddess, but then there were others.

Now Andy is the head of a team of such immortals:

  • two of them met during the Crusades
  • another first died during the Napoleonic wars.

And this team tackles lots of the world problems, most often, those in which you need to kill someone.

But in the modern world it is difficult for them to remain invisible

Everyone has got hundred-megapixel-camera phones and can shoot anything at any time, making it impossible for our heroes to escape getting into somebody’s frame. It is even more difficult to remain invisible if someone really wants to find you.

In fact, the story has two ties: in one, the team is framed by an informant, and in the other, they learn about the appearance of a new immortal, Niall. Trouble always goes in flocks, and this story was no exception: you need to punish the traitor, and the new girl somehow brought up to date. On Andy’s shoulders, though, the same burden of responsibility, the same millennia of anguish, the same pain remained.

The storyline was taken from popular movies in which, unlike in Marvel and DC, the situation here is unusual: at the time of the release of the film, there were only nine issues of comics. That meant the story had only a beginning, without serious development. In contrast, the well-known “Constantine” starring Keanu Reeves, was filmed when there were already more than 200 issues and everything was clear about the storyline. In “The Old Guard” only the general idea was clear. This is often found with anime and manga: the manga has several issues, the Studio likes them, it buys the rights to the film adaptation, and as a result, the stories in the manga and anime develop in parallel, sometimes not even coinciding in serious plot points.

With “The Old Guard” the situation is really similar — even from such a compressed comic original, the film has differences in terms of plot. But given that the script was written by the author of the comic, Greg Rucka, we can assume that he did it for a reason and he had a plan.

And the whole thing is great. Yes, there have been shot plenty of films about immortality being a gift for some and a burden for others. But there is a zest in the film – even the immortals are exposed to death. That’s right, in such a way, the hero won’t be able to heal the twenty-gunshot wound and, therefore, overcome death. This feature of the world built by the screenwriter gives it an extra spice.

With the centuries-old, but quiet longing in the performance of Andy, there is also a centuries-old love in the performance of other characters, and a lingering, thick, dark fatigue. Niall, the new member of the team, does not yet understand either, and even uses his newly acquired immortality with reluctance.

High-quality movies playing is another good thing about the film. That’s a little bit annoying to constantly see shaking camera, as in films about conflicts in the middle East, as if it mixes documentary and realism, but you can understand the confronting sides and the intricacies of the battle since the frames do not break quite suddenly, the movements flow into each other. The choreography is pleasant, varied, sometimes overly effective at the expense of logic — but not much.

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