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“Sonic the Sonic the Hedgehog”: an overdose of sweetness in current movies

“Sonic the Hedgedog” was released in February, but now it is already appearing on streaming services, so why not tell us about it? Such a simple and kind story is perfect for raising your mood and, perhaps, a little to relieve anxiety.

Video game movies usually have a sad fate:

  • the plot is redrawn into something unimaginably different
  • characters are made even more cliched and oaky
  • viewers are trying to attract to the movie with the name of a famous franchise and bright graphics

 “Sonic the Hedgehog” has got more box sales revenue than “Detective Pikachu”

Not only because there was nothing else to watch: the huge box office for a video game movie he collected in the first week. And this is really amazing, because, for example, unlike “Detective Pikachu” there is no masterfully built fake city with super-cool graphics, there is no Ryan Reynolds But in the end, there is usually nothing left of the franchise, and the graphics shine only in a couple of the largest battle scenes already shown in the trailer. The most striking exception until recently was “Detective Pikachu” — it became the highest-grossing new best film for a video game, and it followed the plot of the game on which it is based, and, most importantly, perfectly fit non-existent in reality animals in a similar to ours, but absolutely artificial world, making the picture look whole.

on the voice, and even the fur is emulated not so posh.

The film is far from its original video game story, because it is not built on a specific game, but on the entire franchise. It was in production mess, changing studios, directors, screenwriters, the main character changed the design after the indignation on the Internet, and the leaked parts of the plot did not earn trust. In general, the film should have failed. But it didn’t.

I have a special attitude towards the blue hedgehog: it was with him that my introduction to video games began back in 1998, and I won’t be lying if I say that, to some extent, sonic has been with me for most of my life. Even more so, one of the first anime for me was “Sonic OVA” on a cassette with a nasal one-voice translation. So, I waited for the film with great apprehension. But it turned out, oddly enough, well among current movies.

During its existence, sonic managed to be a hero not only of games and anime, but also of comics and animated series — and in each case, the story of its appearance changed, and in the games they added time travel and parallel realities, finally confusing everyone. In the movie, they didn’t bother with small things and also invented their own story: this is a very fast hedgehog from another dimension which is a planet hunted by some evil spirits he tries to escape. He actually succeeds in doing so and moves to Earth, where he lives for about 10-15 years alone, hiding in the forest. At some point, his loneliness is so annoying that he wants to literally escape from it, but it does not work. Eventually, it breaks out a terrible energy release, which cuts off electricity in the district and arouses the interest of the government.

And then there is the traditional story of how a man and a strange furry creature help each other solve problems. As in “Detective Pikachu”, here the characters do not save the world as a whole, their task is much more local, and because there is no this grand scale, the plot seems a little more realistic and mundane. Well, of course, as realistic as the story can be about a blue hedgehog traveling between worlds, running at supersonic speed.

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