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“Downton Abbey”: the enjoyable one of the best movies this week

The British series “Downton Abbey” managed to become a cult, although it would seem that it is about nothing. It simply tells the story of all the people who live in Downton Abbey — the family that owns the land and the house and the servants. And all this is in the entourage of Britain at the beginning of the last century.

Actually, a pseudo historical series

This film bustles with a scrupulous attitude to what is happening in the world, with carefully designed costumes, with refined characters. But to be honest, “Downton Abbey” is basically not much different from the Latin American series of the nineties and noughties. It is simply much better made and reflects a different era, and the main seasoning instead of hot Latin showdown is acerbic British prudery.

And that’s fine. After all, we are all here for the love of quality, high fidelity, and “Downton Abbey” is just a perfect example of how a simple idea, thanks to a well-thought-out and well-trained implementation, becomes a recognized hit.

The release of the best movies this week, which takes place after six seasons of the series, scared me.

It seems that all the strings are tied, all the guns are fired, why do anything else? But this is the British: they always have a wonderful trump card up their sleeve in the form of the royal family, which allows you to organize the necessary movement in any situation. And here they took advantage of it: King George V and Queen Mary decided to pay a short visit to Downton for to watch the parade, have dinner, spend the night and in the morning go further to inspect the land.

Everyone, of course, is in a panic, and it takes two weeks to prepare for the meeting of the royal couple. Here, it would seem, why can this be interesting to watch? And I don’t know. But it just doesn’t let you go even, surprisingly, in dubbing, although the version with the original, of course, is preferable.

I cannot say how this top ten cinema will react to those who are not familiar with the series. For them, most likely, it will be another costume drama, which is a dime a dozen, and it makes little sense to go to it. I am one of those who watched the series in the process of release, and it was nice to return to this atmosphere:

  • neatly trimmed green lawns
  • trying to come to terms with the progress of antiquity
  • strange inter-class but still very humane relationships

We should also thank the composers: they were able to very well combine a modern symphonic soundtrack with classical compositions playing in some moments of the film, enhancing the feeling of that very era.

The beauty of both the series and film “Downton Abbey” is in the characters

There are lots of them and they are all different, and not stereotypically. Each of them developed over the course of six seasons (some a little less), all seem to have played the final chords in the last series, but in the film, they came out for an encore and established their principles.

Without the trademark British humor is not done, and it feels something a little Disney and childish. The King and Queen are going to arrive with their retinue, removing the Abbey staff from all business. Those, of course, are dissatisfied: it is rarely the honor to serve the King and Queen. And so, they are preparing a Disney-style insidious plan.

The intrigues, too, have not gone away, they are in the plot to sleep off in full. There is a bit of action, and a handful of romance, and a whole cart of family dramas, and politics, and all this is woven around the family living in the Abbey, so neatly and entourage that at any moment it does not look superfluous. Everything in its place so one can believe in all the events in the slightly artificial, alternative universe that the series builds..

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